About Us

Kaladhara is now the trusted Clothing brand of over urban millennial Indians. While India for the longest time has been trying to fit into international body types, Kaladhara took the task to understand India and its fits and offer solution-based premium Clothing for Indians who have been stuck with Limited garments options from generations. If with our fits, style, comfort and fashion, we are able to add a little joy to a Person’s Garments wear experience and let them begin their day right, we think our job is DONE!

We started with Trackpants but have expanded to Many product Categories. Kaladhara always strives to bring products that can benefit customers by solving their problems. Considering the pandemic, Kaladhara also reduced the product cost so that we can give our best at best price.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, the sole purpose of our lives is to serve the King - our customer. We ensure the design-to-delivery experience of products crafted by Indian artisan and backed by international technology to provide you with premium yet affordable products. Every Kaladhara  product is made and improved basis customer feedback. Our direct sales strategy does away with middle men, making our highest quality products affordable.